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Latest Updates:

10/21/2016 2:59:24 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman

I was informed earlier this evening that two major changes to the upcoming game schedule are official. All players, parents and boosters / game day volunteers please take note:

1. The Varsity Football game vs. Hillborough-Deering/Hopkinton has been re-scheduled due to HDH being unable to host the game tomorrow. The game has been re-scheduled for 10am on Saturday Oct 22nd at Souhegan High School. Souhegan will wear white uniforms, but we ask that all players bring BOTH uniforms just in case there is a mis-communication. Please be sure your white uniform is clean. Locker room will be open at 8am. Team meetings will commence at approximately 8:40. 

2. Due to HDH not having a JV team, we will now be hosting Hollis/Brookline for a home JV game. Kickoff is scheduled for 6pm on Monday Oct 24. We will wear black uniforms. 

Thank you all for your attention concerning these late-breaking changes to our schedule. 


10/12/2016 6:10:55 AM - Posted by Boosters President
Boosters Meeting

Hello All,

We will be holding our next boosters meeting Tuesday October 18th. This meeting will be scheduled an hour earlier than our previous meetings. So we will be meeting at 6pm in room 130/ 131. We will be discussing all end of season needs including banquet, scholarships and next year's agenda. We are still looking to fill 2 board positions (treasurer and secretary) for next season. We will also lay out the plan for next year's program advertising fundraiser. Look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you,



10/10/2016 10:06:03 AM - Posted by Coach Lochman
CLARIFICATION: Monday Schedule


I have been informed that there is a lack of clarity on today's schedule. We had an email go out from the team parents on October 8th informing everyone that the JV game had been moved to Tuesday and that regular practice will be taking place on Monday. We also made this announcement after the game on Friday night to all players. 

Please be sure to note that there is a regular, mandatory practice this afternoon at 3:30, as always. The holiday does not excuse anyone from practice for any reason. Please note that an unexcused practice will cause game participation eligibility issues for any player who does not meet the requirements. 

Thank you,

Coach Lochman

10/4/2016 11:09:11 AM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Football Schedule Update


Please take note that due to field availability issues, practice on Thursday Oct 6 has been re-scheduled to 3:30 pm on Simeon Wilson Field.


9/29/2016 8:15:47 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Football Schedule Update: Milford Weekend

Varsity Football Game 7pm, Kickoff at Milford Friday 9/30

  • Locker room opens at 4:30
  • White jerseys and pants (please be sure your uniform is clean)...all rostered players will dress and travel!
  • Bus departs 5pm

JV Football Game 5:00 Kickoff vs. Milford at Home Monday 10/3

  • Locker room opens at 3:30pm
  • Black jerseys and pants

Thank you!

9/29/2016 8:15:43 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Football Schedule Update: Milford Weekend

Varsity Football Game 7pm, Kickoff at Milford Friday 9/30

  • Locker room opens at 4:30
  • White jerseys and pants (please be sure your uniform is clean)...all rostered players will dress and travel!
  • Bus departs 5pm

JV Football Game 5:00 Kickoff vs. Milford at Home Monday 10/3

  • Locker room opens at 3:30pm
  • Black jerseys and pants

Thank you!

9/15/2016 12:25:43 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Football Schedule Update

Varsity Football Game 1:30 Kickoff at Saint Thomas Saturday 9/17

  • Locker room opens at 9:40
  • White jerseys and pants...all rostered players will dress and travel!
  • Bus departs 10:15am
  • Arrive home approx. 6:30pm

JV Football Game 5:00 Kickoff vs. STA at Home Monday 9/19

  • Locker room opens at 3:30pm
  • Black jerseys and pants
  • The same roster who participated last week will play this week, injured players are required to wear their jersey and be at the game on the sideline. 

Thank you!

8/31/2016 11:53:10 AM - Posted by Team Parents
JV and Varsity Volunteers Needed

Sign Up Sheet for JV and Varsity Games:

Few more days till kick off!

We still have several volunteer needs for the season.

They are broken down by game on this spreadsheet. Please sign up for whatever you can. More will be coming regarding foot and set up for varsity home game team meals (all players included but on the varsity home games only). 

  • Because we haven't had any volunteers for Team Mom for JV we need volunteers to handle picking up and distributing away game meals at JV games. These meals have been paid for but someone has to make sure they get to the players. See sign up sheet. 
  • Another reminder, video for each JV game is requested. We have the camera just need someone to run it. This film is so valuable for the players to be able to watch after games. If we don't have a volunteer then the JV team wont have this advantage. See sign up sheet.

If anyone has any questions on this please let us know. Thank you!


Diane & Katy

8/27/2016 2:50:46 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
SABERS IN THE NEWS: Queen City Football Highlights and Recap

Sabers Queen City Football Jamboree coverage video includes interviews with Luuc Grondstra, Kyle Archambault, David Labonte and Palmer Belowski!

Union Leader Coverage:

NH High School Sports Coverage:

8/26/2016 6:31:29 AM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Football Schedule Update

Please be aware of the following important schedule updates / reminders:

1. Souhegan will play Manchester Memorial tonight at the Queen City Jamboree. While this is little more than a glorified scrimmage, we will still be wearing away game uniforms (white jerseys and pants) with full pads. Scrimmage starts at 4:30pm. Locker room opens at 2pm. Bus departs promptly at 2:45, and we will not delay if a player is absent. We will remain for about 45 minutes after our game concludes to watch some of the following game. If you would like to bring a snack or money for concessions, please do so. 

2. With game season upon us, we will be wearing our uniforms once or twice per week. Football game jerseys are expensive, and ours are only one year old. We would like our jerseys to be properly cared for. Please reference the below link for instructions on proper washing of game uniforms so as to ensure that you will not be held responsible for needing to pay for a jersey replacement.

3. Starting next Monday, our schedule converts to a "regular season" practice schedule. This means that practices will run from 3:30 to 5:45pm every day, with the exception of Thursdays, which take place "under the lights" at night from 6-8pm. Please always assume we will be "full pads," but come prepared for "uppers / helmets only." ALWAYS have both athletic sneakers and cleats. Reference your Player/Parent guide for further info.

4. Please remember that instead of a Saturday am practice tomorrow (8/27), we are giving the players the day off so they can participate in the fundraising car wash. The booster club sent an email previously with details, but it is 10am - 2pm at Fredrick's Plaza on Route 101A. This is a fun team-building event and raises money for the program...and will be our only fundraising requirement of the team this year, so we expect all our players to come out and participate.

5. With regard to expectations for JV game participation, the philosophy is very simple: If you are not starting in a varsity game on offense or defense, you will be scheduled to participate in the JV game on Monday, even if you "rotate / sub" in the varsity game. Exceptions will be notified prior to the JV games if they are necessary. 

Thank you all! 

8/25/2016 9:57:38 AM - Posted by Boosters President
Car Wash Saturday

Hello All,

I appologize for the late notice but our original car wash location became unavailable and we scrambled to secure a new location. Thankfully one of our supporters, Naji's Pizza, has let us use their location to host our car wash. The car wash will be held at Naji's this Saturday 10-2. Coach has given the boys the day off from practice so we could hold the event. The address is 109 NH-101A. (Frederick's Plaza). Lunch will be provided for the boys. The forecast looks good and this should be a great team building event as well as a fundraiser. If your car is looking like it needs a bath please stop in.




8/16/2016 9:03:54 AM - Posted by Boosters President
Away game meals and Boosters meeting

Hello All,

Thank you to those who responded to saturday's test email. I did recieve quite a few responses back. So either some, the minority, are not getting at all, or going to spam or ignoring. I will attempt to correct but will be using this forum as the primary communication tool for now. 

AWAY GAME MEALS- We are offering away game meals to all the players that are interested. . Meals will be provided by Homestead Grocery and Deli. Meals will consist of a 6" sub (ham & Cheese, roast beef & cheese or turkey and cheese) chips (Lays or Doritos) and cookie. Boosters will provide drinks. Each meal is going to be $7 per player per meal. Varsitywill need 4 meals (not eating for Milford game) and JV should have 3. Players that are told by coach that they will be playing both need to plan accordingly. 

Meal order forms and payment required prior to the start of the season. Payment can be made to Souhegan Gridiron Booster Club, Inc. (or S.G.B.C.,Inc). We will have order sheets at tomorrow's boosters meeting.

Boosters Meeting 8/17/16 7 pm in room 116 at Souhegan High School. We will be finalizing the ads. covering the meals sign up, discussing tenative car wash for 8/27/2016, and a number of other topics. Please come and join us.

Looking forward to the season,


Go Sabers!

8/16/2016 6:18:20 AM - Posted by Team Parents
JV Needs a Team Parent

The regular season is quickly approaching! The JV team needs a Team Parent!

We will all work together to support one big team but a parent that can commit to being at JV games is needed. Planning is pretty much all set so the most critical piece is to pick up the away game sandwiches from Homestead before away games and meet the players at the bus after games to distribute cold drinks and meals. It is also helpful for a coach to have a go-to person for any team related communications. If you would like to do more than that it would be great but that is the most immediate need. 

Please consider volunteering your time. Thank you!
Diane & Katy


8/9/2016 7:51:14 PM - Posted by Boosters President
2016 Season

Hello All,

I appologize for the lack of communication to begin the season. There have been some email issues that hopefully have been resolved. I am sending this email to cover some of the respnsibilities that have been taken care of and some that still need to be done before the season begins. 

The board has been meeting and addressing this seasons issues and have completed many. As the season quickly approaches our primary goal is to complete the "Program Ads" fundraiser. 

This fundraiser is the primary fundraising event for the team. The Boosters provide many needs for the team including scholarships, equipment, training, attire and much more. This season alone we have purchased equipment exceeding $2000.00. We need to conact previous advertisers as well as new avdertisers. There are also parent ads that go into the program. We are in need of assistance contacting people on our previous advertisers list, if you would be interested in seeing who is on the list and helping that would be great. we have been trying to complete this task with only a handful of people. Unfortunately with the email issues and info not being communicated effectivelywe have limited time to get the work done and submitted to the printer by 8/17, 

Please feel free to solicit new advertisers as well. I did send out the documentation but if you did not recieve please let me know and I will resend perequest so I won't have to send yet another email.

Our next open board meeting is schedule for 8/17 at 7pm at the high school, room to be determined. I encourage you to come out and meet some of the other parents. We will be discussing program layout details, away game meals, home gakme volunteers, pregame meals and much more. We also are looking for a JV team mom volunteer and a treasurer and secretary for the board. If you are interested in seeing some of the behind the scenes stuff that happens wityh the team please come and join us.

We are also planning a team car wash, in lue of a saturday practice, and that will be discussed. The supplies for the car wash are being donated by O'reilly's and we are still looking for a location. If you have a location or a connection with one, let us know that would be a real help.

Finally keep an eye out for the Team Mom/ Parent emails. These wil usually contain critical info that your player may or may not have relayed back to you. It was great to see the players today at equipment pick up. I hope you have a great rest of the summer and we are looking forward to a great season.

Thank you,


GO Sabers!


7/28/2016 9:06:29 AM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Football Program Update/Reminders


Here are some reminders that are critical as we near the first day of mandatory practice!

1. Please work to complete all SHS Athletics Registration Activities ASAP. Forms and participation fees can be turned in to the athletics office at SHS (preferred), to me at the Hampshire Dome Camp, or to the team parents on Aug 9th when we hand remaining equipment out. You cannot participate without being registered, and you cannot afford to miss participation becuase of missing paperwork! Please tend to this immediately if possible (see link below to previously distributed Player/Parent Guide). Also, please review the Player Parent Guide again. Being aware of the schedule and expectations is critical for a smooth season. Practices and events starting Aug 10 are not optional. 

SHS 2016 Player Parent Guide.pdf

2. Reminder that we are co-hosting an optional Football Skills Camp at the Hampshire Dome on Aug 1-4 (see link to brouchure). Participants need to provide the permission form, a Hampshire Dome Waiver (link below) and the participation fee to us on Aug 1st before the camp starts. Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Cleats and a mouthpiece are required. If you need helmets and shoulder pads, please arrive at SHS at 3:45 on August 1st to be fitted and assigned equipment. If you already have everything, practice starts at 4:30 at the Hampshire Dome. Please do not be late!

2016 Southern NH Instructional Football Camp-2.doc

3. Reminder that on August 9th from 4:30-6:30 (last night before practice begins) we do remaining equipment hand out, combine testing, and have a brief team meeting about the season. Please dress athleticlly, including footwear. This is the last chance for you to turn registration paperwork in. 

4. The school will review records and determine who needs to be tested for baseline concussion monitoring. This is typically done before practice during the first 3 days. The school's athletics trainer supplies me with a list of names. Please be prepared for this if you end up needing to be baselined.

5. The online apparel store is open through Aug 9th. This is optional "fan and player" apparel available to anyone who wishes to make a purchase. Take a look!

Thank you everyone. Again, I know there have been a lot of communications this month from numerous sources. There is a lot going on, and we want to keep everyone informed!


Coach Lochman 


7/26/2016 8:23:16 AM - Posted by Team Parents
Volunteers Needed!

Hi Team,

A few notes from Diane & Katy, Team Moms…

We are really looking forward to a great season and our goal is to make this season special for all our players and families.  

First things first- Your participation in the Boosters and Fund Raising is CRITICAL to the success and future of the program. I am not on the boosters board but do attend  the meetings and see how hard the very few people have to work to keep it going.  There  is still a need for a Secretary and a Treasurer.  Dan Blood has served the team and no longer has a player so it is only fair that a parent of a current player step up and take on that role. There are very few meetings so the commitment is very manageable and both are voting positions. This is your way to have a say in how to support the team and the program goals.


Now for the fun stuff! 

We need a JV Team Parent! We all work together but still need a parent for that team.  It doesn't have to be a Mom ;-)

  • Volunteer help needed:
    • Game Film—This is of utmost importance. We need someone to film each game using the team’s camera. You will be stationed in the tower and Coach Lochman will let you know exactly what he needs. Consistency from game to game is important so if we could get commitment from one person that would be the best. 
    • Chains for home games-We need 3 people for each home game, there are 4 home games.  Best place to see the game!
    • Stands set up-a few people to take on hanging banners in the stadium and placing signs along the driveway to the school


  • Important August Dates:
    • 8/1-8/4    -    Mini Camp at Hampshire Dome (5-8pm)
    • 8/9    -    Equipment Pick  Up/Combine/Player Meeting (4:30-6:30pm)
    • 8/12-    TEAM AND FAMILY KICK OF DINNER (Details to come soon)
    • 8/17-    Scrimmage vs Bedford HS, 10am, Practice to  follow from 6-8pm
    • 8/16-    Joint Practice with Campbell High  School (at CHS) 8am-12pm
    • 8/26-    Queen City Jamboree at Gill Stadium against Memorial HS (4:30pm)

More emails will be following (maybe even more today). Once we have volunteer spots filled and the season gets going there will be less. Until then, please bear with us.

Responses on volunteer spots, Secretary and Treasurer are needed. Please respond.


Diane Belowski

Katy Archambault

6/6/2016 6:08:01 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
SHS Football 2016 Player/Parent Guide


Below is a link to our 2016 Player / Parent Guide. Please take the time to review it with your family. The guide was designed to answer many of the questions you might have about the program. It contains, among other things:

  • Summary of Summer Activities (workouts, camps, team events, etc)
  • Monthly Calendars (games, practices, scrimmages, etc)
  • Expectations, Helpful HInts, Team Rules, etc.

Please review this thoroughly, even if you have played in the past, as there have been changes. 

SHS 2016 Player Parent Guide.pdf


Coach Lochman



10/31/2015 9:33:08 AM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Sabers in the News! 52-14 win on Senior Night

Sabers battled with Pelham on Senior Night / Millitary Appreciation Night and ended the regular season 7-1 with a guaranteed playoff appearance next week! Congrats to everyone...!

10/17/2015 12:26:47 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Sabers In The News: 5-1 After Defeating Trinity

Nice work, boys.  Let's stay focused and keep it rolling

10/11/2015 9:02:16 AM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Sabers In The News: Varsity Improves to 4-1 with Win over Sanborn!

10/6/2015 7:34:17 AM - Posted by Coach Lochman
9/26/2015 2:22:05 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Sabers In The News: 50-7 Win over Hollis/Brookline

Sabers improve to 3-0, face undefeated defending champs Windham next Saturday at 3pm!

9/20/2015 4:27:29 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
9/3/2015 7:19:18 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Sabers In The News: Pre-Season Coverage

Mike Mancini and Nick Truchon interviewed on ESPN NH Radio:

Cam Kinney interviewed by WMUR-TV Channel 9 News:


8/29/2015 2:30:37 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Sabers In The News: Souhegan vs. West Jamboree Highlights and Interviews!

Zach Bossi, Mike Mancini and Cam Kinney are interviewed following the Queen City Jamboree

Season Preview Article: